Why a Responsive Website is Critical for Your Business

Viewing a responsive website.
As you may have heard, Google recently made a number of changes to its all-important search algorithm. The focus of these changes was on rewarding mobile-friendly websites by giving those sites a boost in their search results. While there are still countless other factors that weigh into the search algorithm (the details of which Google has traditionally been extremely secretive about), this was specific enough of a change to make the web design and SEO community take notice.

The number of people who access the internet primarily via mobile devices has grown dramatically over the past half-decade or so, with some estimates placing the number as high as 60 percent. That means six out of every ten people access the internet on a phone or a tablet more often than they access it on a computer. That’s a big number! And if your website can’t tell the difference between a mobile user and a desktop user (and cater the appropriate experience to them), not only will mobile users grow frustrated with your site, but Google will now actively begin bumping you down in their search results.